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Here's a chance for those wonderful dogs we know as Staffies to come out and shine!  This site has been put together to bring all Staffies and their people together, so if you would like your Staffie's pic in the spotlight, send along a pic and a page can be done up just for him/her.  Check out our site on MSN for tasty recipes and a chat room, also!

In the Good Books

Anyone who will put the Staffie above and foremost in their lives is Ok by me!

In the BAD Books

Anyone involved in using the Staffie for puppy mills, pit fighting or BSL should be shot and pissed on!!!

My Mentor

Me fwend Carol in Oz, of course!!!

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Fly Dogs
Who says a Staffie can't fly???

Here's our Staffie of the month!
We're looking for goofy shots of your Staffies, so send any pics that show them off and they might end up here!

Next Kitty, Please....
Dang that tasted good! Oops, did I say that??!!!

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