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Carburg Cuties

We have come across Staffies of all kinds, from different places.  Here are some pics of them which we think deserve their chance in the spotlight.

First of all, we would like you to meet Jewel.  She was a wonderful Staffie who lived with her soul mate Allen, on his farm.  A beautiful pied girl, she brought love and laughs to everyone who came into contact with her.  Unfortunately, her life was tragically taken one morning in a fire at the farm; the people who attended did nothing to try to save her while she stood at the door only a few feet away, waiting to be let out.  Nothing can bring her back, but her memories live on with us in our hearts.  She will be dearly missed.

Carburg Kennels, Australia
Blazing Jewel, a wonderful little girl who's life ended abruptly in a house fire.

Carburg Kennels, Australia
Capstaff Fandango, or better known as Burger to those who know him.

Burger is Carburg's foundation stud.  He's a beautiful mahogany brindle boy, and has sired many wonderful offspring.  His bloodlines carry the Parkstaff line, his father being the ever popular Parkstaff Colonial Boy.

Carburg Kennels, Australia
Oh what a beautiful Staff!

Oh isn't this just the most beautiful Staff you've ever seen?  Wait a minute........just kidding!  This is Carol, the wonderful lady who owns and runs Carburg Kennels.  Isn't she a gem?  If you want to know anything about a Staffie, this is the person to ask.  She is a world of information, and is always willing to help (she's also my mentor!).

Blazing Kwolyin, or lovingly known as Ollie.  She's another gorgeous mahogany brindle, and is Burger's daughter.   A well mannered girl, Ollie is a fine Staffie in every way possible, and is Carburg's newest girl to be bred in their special kennel.

Carburg Blazing Flame
I'm a show stopper!

Carburg Kennels, Australia
Blazing Kwolyin

This is Carburg Blazing Flame, or Red as she's called at home.  She's the daughter of Ollie and Burger, a real prize to the family, and ran away with the sweepstakes at a show in Rockhampton at 6 months.

This is Carburg Zyki, daughter to Burger, and Zuki, who now resides as a nanny dog in upper Australia.  Zyki is a ham at home, and a playmate for Red.  She will be an excellent dam when she comes to full maturity, and carry on the Parkstaff line.
It comes with great sorrow that Zyki has crossed the rainbow bridge to be with other treasured family members. She will be dearly missed.

Carbur Kennels, Australia
Carburg Zyki

Carburg Kennels is an exclusive kennel in Blackwater, Australia.  Many selectively bred, wonderful Staffies have come from this exceptional breeder, and are placed all over Australia, in Japan, and soon to Canada.  Carburg breeds true to type and soundness, wonderful temperament, and specifics to breed standard.  You'll be hard pressed to find quality Staffies such as these.  Much hard work and determination has gone into these dogs and the end result is second to none.


Many thanks to Gay for making the Staffbanner...too cool!

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Carol has done a wonderful job of raising Staffies.   As a respectable breeder in Australia, she teams up with the local pound and rescues any Staffies that end up there, placing them immediately into homes at her discretion.  Her puppies are placed into respectable homes after a severe and intense screening of prospective families; she doesn't place her babies with just anybody!!   It is her deep devotion and dedication that make her Staffies thrive, and many 'wannabe' breeders can learn an awful lot from this intelligent gal.  She knows her stuff!

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